If you are interested in correcting your vision with the most advanced technology, we will help you to understand all of the advantages and disadvantages of the currently accepted procedures. If the doctor feels you are a good candidate for laser vision correction he will refer you to the appropriate specialist for the procedure you need and will arrange for your follow-up care right here in our office.


Dr. Fleming and Treasure Coast Eye Associates are the only eye care professionals providing vision therapy and orthoptics to the Treasure Coast.

A large part of learning is done visually. Reading, spelling, writing, chalkboard work, and computers are among the tasks students tackle all day long. Each task involves the visual abilities of seeing quickly and understanding visual information frequently less than arm’s length from the eyes. Clear eyesight isn’t all that’s required for these close vision tasks. Scanning, tracking, focusing and visual coordination skills are needed for learning and getting meaning from reading. Students struggle when their visual abilities have not developed to the level of the demands of the classroom.

As part of Treasure Coast Eye Associates, in the Vision Therapy Center we take the time to evaluate the vision skills that are needed for learning. Since 1985, Dr. Fleming has worked with children and adults who have vision related learning problems. By identifying weak skills in the visual system, and then working to improve those skills, many patients have seen their academic performance improve. As a Fellow of the College of Vision Development, Dr. Fleming is uniquely trained to treat these vision problems.